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2007-01-07 - 12:36 p.m.


I already achieved my first News Years resolution! The one about having fun flirting but not too much fun and not taking it too seriously.....I was in the area of my 15 minutes flirting daily, need it or not, friend, and she showed me her new engagement ring. Yes she's marrying her boyfriend in May. She was the woman I used to always flirt shamelessly with, and when returned, felt a huge attraction for. So, I have gained a nice friend, still flirt capable, but I won't be tempted to take it too seriously. If all my resolutions could get fixed so simply!

Amy has bought tickets for Ireland on the 17th, returning in mid feburary. I'm all for her going to see her mother now, just in case. We were planning on December, with both of us going, but it's better this way. I'll miss her, I always do, but I'm taking the opportunity to maybe diet seriously, go on a weekend trip with some of my friends from work, and do some things around the house. I expect the dogs will drive me crazy, but we just have to see.

I saw an article in the newspaper that asked "Are Americans getting more sensitive to military losses in wars now, than they used to be?" It referred to the fact we have lost about 3000 men in Iraq, while both Korea, and Vietnam had much higher casulties before people started being antiwar. I think that's absolutely stupid. People are antiwar and protesting the loss of American lives because they have been lied too from the beginning and there is no viable reason to send our young people over to kill Iraqis and die themselves. That is why Americans are increasingly vocal about thier dissatisfaction with the war. Many of us demonstrated against the war prior to it even starting. One of my co-workers said that I must not be too concerned with losing my job after hearing me being very vocal at work against the war and coming draft. I relied that someone has to speak out, if no one does, we have no voice. Besides I wasn't picking on a certain person, though it certainly seemed that way. What if during the revolution everyone said, " I'm tired of paying taxes to King George, but isn't everyone, so I'm just going to mind my own business. That Washington can just get someone else to stop the tyranny."

Saddam got hung, apparently facing the end with fortitude. I'd like to see Shrub boy up there, peeing his pants and crying out "Beezebub, we had a deal! You said I could be king of the world! Now they're going to hang me! Can't you just hang Rummy-Brain and "Shotgun" Cheney instead? Why hast thou forsaken me Satan?"

Evangelist Pat Robertson's big prediction for 2007 is that a major terrorist attack will happen somewhere in the U.S. after September of this year and it will affect millions of people. He says he received word from God about this event.

Well I predict Pat Robertson will finally be exposed as a money grubbing, lying, son of a bitch, this year. Click here to read about the many scandals that this conniving Asshat is involved in. Or perhaps using religious donations to buy a racehorse is OK? God must have been giving out bad advice on that one!


OK, Hypothetical situation: A pretty, interesting, and very atheletic member of the opposite sex has expressed interest in getting to know you better. Everything about her intrigues you. What to do, get to know her or just pass on making a new friend?

Maybe this person would like to be motorcycle riding partners, as Amy while admitting she's confortable on the bike now, still refuses to go ohn any rides. I spent almost $2000. to make it comfortable for her ( Handmade seat, airshock and custom backrest tailored for her) and still no rides!

Enough for now. Has anyone heard of the "New underground railway" being setup for draft resisters if the draft passes? let me know by email.....

Curiouoso* making plans for someones long trip to a land far, far, away.


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