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2007-10-04 - 5:28 p.m.

Planning ahead - way ahead!

This last sunday I decided I had to have a shower. I got a small garbage bag, slipped it over my cast and duct taped it securely. I sat in the shower in a plastic lawn chair and luxuriated in the hot water for 45 minutes. It was so nice to finally get wet all over after 6 weeks of sponge baths.

I was so relaxed that I decided to do it again Tuesday night. As before I sat in the hot water enjoying the shower. When I went to get out, I relized I had a whole bag of water taped to my leg. After cutting the bag off and drying my leg off, I realized the cast was wet inside and squished out water with every step. It never dried out that night so I called and asked the doctor if I could come in and get a new one.

I was pleased that he decided to give me a "boot" instead, that is strapped on but can be removed for showers or whatever.

This morning I found that I couldn't get my jeans over it like I could the cast. No problem, I tend to walk on the cuffs of my jeans so have a few pairs that are pristine except for frayed cuffs. I carefully took the sissors and cut up the seams of the legs so they would slip over the boot. I was especially careful to make sure the cuts matched evenly on both legs.

By now time was flying, and I wasn't even dressed for work yet. I quickly put them on and just maybe, started a new fashion trend....not bell bottoms again, but "the Flap Leg" cut! I'm not too sure though, on the left leg they fit great. But on the right, there's something wrong, there's something missing and I'm just not sure what it is!

Curiouoso* mulling over why the sides seem so different....


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