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2006-01-10 - 6:25 p.m.

Good evening, I hope the new year is being kind to everyone so far.

I feel that this year will be a keeper for me. To be sure, I don't know the procedure for throwing it back anyway, so I guess I'll take it.

So far this year, in a mere 6 days, I've done 8 stock trades and made $4000.00 in profits! It may be peanuts to some, less than 1 months future retirement, but it's nice that my gold stocks are starting to pay off. 3 stocks I bought on December 30, are up 16.27%, 11.44% and 5.02% respectively, and the one I bought today @ 11AM is up 23% right now!

Work is going like a finely tuned watch, smoothly and on time....

I've only pissed Amy off once so far this year, so that's OK.

My new Fiero has turned into a death trap waiting to happen, but if I can just gut it out till the weekend, that will be fixed. 300 more miles of no brakes and driving like a boat in heavy current.....

I think I've picked up an admirer at work. This woman has been smiling at me whenever I'm around and being really friendly. She also seems quite interested in anything I say, a trait that makes you feel appreciated. I just can't do anything other than be friendly cause I'm not up for intrigue and giddy affairs at work. Been there done that, and I'm getting too old for that sort of behavior, but friends I can use, the more the merrier.

Amy complained about Mel the other day,"Sometimes she just doesn't listen to me. She's hardheaded and has a mind of her own."

"Well, Dear, I thought that was the way we raised her, Independent and Intelligent, able to make her own decisions? I mean we could have raised a robot you know!"

Ryan is moving out with Arlinda in a few days, Thank God for small favors! I'm glad he's levelheaded also. We really couldn't have asked for better kids! I wouldn't know how to throw those back either, so it's a good thing!

I've got an idea...We'll all go rob some banks and commit other lucrative crimes, and if one of us is caught, the rest of us will just donate all the money to charity or send it back with notes like "I only realized just now that guy was a crook!" Apparently that makes it all ok because that's what all our crooked republican congressmen are doing! I'm sorry you caught me, but I'm giving it back, No hard feelings (That I'm a Son-of-a bitch crook) OK?

If we attack Iran, I think maybe we should all go postal on every politician in sight. I've got absolutely nothing against Persians and don't want to see any more people killed by Assholes that claim to represent us.

In this weeks news we heard Cheney was in the hospital....Too bad he came back out. Where's a Patriotic doctor that could have slipped him a bit too much fatal medicine, when we need him?

See what happens when I'm too lazy to update for a week?

Curiouoso* hoping for fatal illness to sweep thru official Wash. DC!


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