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2005-03-06 - 5:46 p.m.

I trust you all had a fine weekend. I sorta did. Or perhaps I should say "shorta" did. I left at 11am friday and got home at 3pm. Not bad, but I was a little tired from the long motorcycle ride and napped 2+ hours. Saturday went quick, so there I was back on the road at 10:30 Sunday morning, trying to miss the rain.

I rode the motorcycle back because I heard the contract would end as scheduled at the end of the month. Then I was to get a ride back with my housemate Sunday afternoon, leaving me with just one vehical to bring home when the time comes. My housemate called and informed me his car broke down, so I'd have to find my own way back. I normally don't ride in the rain, especially cold rain for 250 miles. Luckily my son found my riding suit that I thought I'd given to the goodwill. A full nylon suit it makes riding in the rain more pleasant, but doesn't help the slippery roads etc.

I got rained on twice, but it wasn't too bad and I'm here safe and sound again.

I'm preparing a sundried tomato alfredo sauce with shrimp to go with 4 cheese tortellini. I'm making a spinach souffle for the vegetable. Top off that dinner with an Ironstone Merlot and a Black Forest Torte for dessert, and I'm going to bed happy tonight!

I hope this week is good at work, my friday sucked. I had to tell two coworkers, "children, children, play nice together."

I'm signing off with good wishes for all. My back hurts and I'm hungry, so Curiouoso* is outta here!


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