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2008-07-27 - 7:15 p.m.

When the going gets tough, the tough go take a nap!

So Saturday morning when the conversation turned to the "Les affair", who went to take a nap? Moi, of course. I really didn't want to sit around and endlessly discuss the whys and wherefores, so off to get that early morning nap.

We didn't do much Saturday, then Sunday we drove up to Prescott, had lunch, then saw my older Brother. Mom had a good time and it was cooler up there so I was happy too.

On the way home we stopped at the "Wizard of ID" womens house for the 16th birthday party of the youngest. She had specifically requested the Rat Ryan's presence, but he didn't want to go, being 24 and somewhat leery of that girl. She is a pretty girl, and as I told him, you don't have to be romantic just be nice, and you won't go to prison for the rest of your life, but the 38DDD scares the hell out of him since her mom is 42DDD and grandma, Any's friend, is 48DDDD ! I know all this not so much by observation, but because grandma (WoID) laid it all out for us yesterday. Not the "Works", just the numbers. Anyway, the girl across the street from there, is a pretty blonde with normal "specs", 19 and just the Rat's type. Snooze ya lose, buddy boy, I can lead him to water but I can't make him drink!

Now we are home, and maybe there's a postcard for someone right here....but if so I'm not tellin (cause I'm Jellin)

Curiouoso* says Bee on your best behavior or the postal elf won't come!

P.S. It's too wierd that the things I think might appeal to some, you know, my usual witty prescient repartee, gets no comments, but the horrible or the slapstick (swallows pill for good health, then chokes to death on it, saving himself at the last moment by hugging himself good bye) gets comments.

I'm not blue anymore, just disgusted that I can think so selfishly sometimes. Curiouoso*


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