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2007-08-25 - 10:47 p.m.

I did it! My veins are all clogged. I made brief mention of that a while ago. My toes are going numb and I feel my eyesight is worsening. This is particularely distressing when you've had 20/20 vision all your life. I also have very little energy after a couple hours and take way too many naps.

I've been doing Chelation therapy. That's an intravenous drip of EDTA. 3 hours each time and 130 - 170 bucks a shot. I've done 6 quarts of EDTA and 2 plaquex treatments. Yet I'm feeling worse and getting more tired every day. I'm backing that up with oral chelation but that loses about 90% of it's efficiency in the stomach. I decided I'd try something no one has different. DMSO has been used as a method to get substances to the blood as it goes straight to the blood when applied to the skin. What if I mixed EDTA with DMSO and rubbed it into my skin over my clogged veins? Would that go directly to the affected blockages and melt them away? I need to drink a lot of water to make sure it gets flushed completely from my kidneys as 8 grams of EDTA could be dangerous. They usually only do the intravenous method with one gram of EDTA 3 times a week.

Hey, It either works or it doesn't, I doubt it will kill me....I just coated my neck, inner arms and legs/feet with this mixture. Amy can smell the Garlic smell on my breath already. That's what DMSO smells like when it hits your blood stream. I don't think all 8 grams went in, I still have some white powder on my skin where I applied it.

Within 1 minute my numb toes regained thier feeling!

Wish Curiouoso* luck!

Bye for now........ Update: When my skin dried, it was obvious that most of the EDTA had not gone into solution with the DMSO. Maybe 3/4 of it was left in crystals or powder on my skin. Still there seemed to be some signs of improvement. My big toe is only slightly numb, none of the others are. There are 2 other indications also. The DMSO lessoned the bruising on my arms from last weeks Ju Jitsu lessons. I had 2 severe purple bruises from my partner/opponent grabbing my arms, which were still painful. This morning they are nearly gone with no tenderness. I'm going to try again with more EDTA in a better solution.


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