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2007-08-09 - 5:31 p.m.

I want to assure everyone that I wasn't picking on women in the last entry. It just turned out they were villians in those particular examples.

Am I forgiven now?

Rosie is a great dog for us, as I mentioned before. She does have a few twisted moments though. When I get home from work we usually walkie-walkie to the mailbox. (How come dogs like baby talk? "Come on girl lets go for a walkie,walkie!") She starting picking up a 4" milkbone dog treat, untouched all day, and carrying it to the mailbox dropping it then carrying it back home. Then she ate it. She never eats those, but twice this week we've gone through this same pattern.

Wierd wierd wierd. (Do dogs really like baby talk?)

Her boyfriend down the block got out today and came a-courting. I haven't seen him for a month or so and he's really getting big. He's another 3/4 as tall as Rosie,and energetic like only a strong young dog can be. I let Rosie out to say Hi, but it was obvious He had no intention of prolonged foreplay! I put Rosie back in the house quickly and the nieghbors got back one big pooch with a massive case of Blue Balls! Either that or he's been running around thier house trying to hump everyone's legs!

I had that bad visitors pass the other day that wouldn't open any doors. I went to a meeting in another building and used it on the door as I walked in with someone else. I wasn't aware that it wasn't functioning. I started to go out the rotating front doors when we left, and realized it wasn't working when my friend went through but I just stood there. I signaled him to use his badge on the outside and he did. I stepped in and went round a bit when the door start reversing, pushing me backwards. He reswiped his and it started rotating me out again, only to suddenly reverse, then stop. I noticed the lobby guard, a nice but pretty anal woman was motioning for me to come back. The doors started up again and I realized she and Jorge my friend, were involved in "who gets Curiouoso*" battle. He would start it and she would reverse it. She reamed me good and told me I had to go out the next door over, "The Visitors door." God forbid I went out the worker bee door with a non-working badge! Hey I'm a non-working type of guy sometimes, so slap me with a rubber duck.

My newly filled tooth has lost it's temp filling already. Ugh.

I've been eating fruit all day lately and then being good at night too. I'm slowly dropping an ounce here and there. Strawberrys, Blueberrys, Grapes red and green, rasberrys and fresh pineapple, it's all good, but so expensive. I've eaten more bananas lately than in my whole previous lifetime. I eat oranges,apples and the occaisonal plum too. Maybe my cholesterol will be lower some day.

Times up! Curiouoso has to go nap with Rosie so she won't get grumpy!


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