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2008-08-12 - 2:19 p.m.

In this issue of the Curiouoso* saga there will be a lot of boasting or bragging going on,so you can skip it if you like. Bear in mind I'm not saying these things to try to establish any superiority, but only to show why the ploys didn't work....well just read on and you'll see.

You may recall that 4 months ago "Drunk ass" Peter Wheater was knocked to the ground on his bicycle by a careless teen girl rushing to "cheerleading practice". He was straight at the time (Will wonders ever cease?) but recieved injuries that meant 18 days in the hospital and over $100,000 in bills excluding the new hip he still needs. The police report is straightforward blaming the mother and daughter for the accident, including 2 citations. I have power of attorney to help him with his claim as Amy has over 20 years in that field and I have contacts in claims willing to advise and help me. That came to an end yesterday when the adjuster @ ENCOMPASS INSURANCE,remember that name, as an unethical company, V.D., informed us that they were denying all liability for this accident! V.D. how appropriate! I feel like I got a case of it every time I spoke with her!

Apparently she thinks that since I tried to solve this without an attorney, in the hopes of simplifying it and saving everyone time and money, that I'll just give up and go away.

Sorry Cunt, I read books, travel the internet, research things and understand the ways of law and business. I also know how to select attorneys. Consequently we are negotiating with one of the premier personal injury firms in California. They have many cases with $1,000,000 awards and nearly always go to litagtion. I have a relatively high IQ, even after my stroke. I once scored better than 98% of americans in vocabulary, 86% in math even though I never went past algebra, and probably 99.9% more meaness when it suits me, so blowing me off just got my dander and revenge factor very high! I intend to publically identify you on the internet and in a letter to your boss, actually the chairman of the board of your corporation, after we win this case, explaining how your ineptitude and misjudgement changed a $150 or 200 thousand dollar settlement to a major lawsuit. In other words, I'm going after your job!

Treat me stupid and reap the rewards!

Another odd thing that happened was the ease in which my reverse osmosis water system was fixed today. I fought this silly thing at least three times following the directions exactly after replacing all the filters and the membrane only to fail to get water out each time. This was a bit frustrating because normally I'm relatively handy with mechanical objects and tools.

I called up the company and a real nice guy came out and gave me the whole rundown on it. Strangely, you use a bicycle pump to pump air in and water out to get it started in stead of the method in the "destructions", which say to bleed off any excess air. Now it works great! Who'd a thought?

Curiouoso* still marveling at the letter that stated "In our desire to be fair in our decision......liability has not been accepted." I guess some magic wind blew P.W. off his bike, not the slamming open of a car door carelessly into him because some young valley girl wannabe was late for Cheerleader practice! BTW, she didn't bother to wait to see if all the blood pouring from his head was serious, she ran off to a more important pursuit!

V.D. how appropriate!


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