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2006-03-15 - 5:40 p.m.

You know I do mostly desktop support for computers right? Quite a bit of handholding too.

Today I got a ticket to go replace a mouse. It stated," I tried to clean the ball but it just didn't work."

I grabbed a few rodents male and female, (with and without balls) and headed off. When I got there the lady said "It just doesn't move," while running it all over the desk. I said, "It looks like You're moving it all over the desk," ( a pathetic attempt at humor), and pulled out a female (optical) mouse.

She said she cleaned the ball to no avail, so I picked it up and saw it was an optical mouse. I placed it on a piece of paper and it worked fine. I explained it had to have a certain surface in order to pick up the light. She said, "but it always worked till yesterday."

"Riiiggghhhttt, Just like you cleaned the ball throughly?"

Ticket resolution: User error; totally gender confused.

Curiouoso* knows a female when he sees one.


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