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2005-04-12 - 1:09 p.m.

We have visitors, Mom and dad and thier friends Jacques & Joanne. We have been having fun just going to places locally and taking it easy. Some new nieghbors moved in across the street and when we came home that day I can only imagine their thoughts, "Look at all those old people who live across the street! No one told us about that when we leased this place!"

Come on, the average age including Amy and I is only about 68! Now today they have 2 more friends in thier 80's visiting. Quite the geriatric abode these days. Luckily they are all in pretty good shape, except dad, who is thin as a rail with stick arms and legs. He really looks much more frail than last Christmas. Apparently his mental state is pretty precarious also, though He's been pretty good around here the last few days, and is eating real good. (Me too!) We went out for Mexican last night. That was really good, and I took them to Hooters for lunch yesterday. I had oysters, that were really tasty but took forever. Two big buckets so I took the left overs and BBQed them today on the grill with butter and/or BBQ sauce. Another great meal along with with BBQ Salmon.

We really like to share the house and yard so it's been a pleasure having guests. Remember, regular readers are welcome too, if you come to town and we are around, which is usually.

I'm still waiting on a couple of job leads but won't know until later this week about the 2 I've been pursuing, though they both look good. Joanne and Mom both like the casinos so we went Sat. night. They weren't real lucky and Mom was disgruntled she lost $5. Not bad for playing slots two hours. I was down $120.00 when they came and said they were done, but I said another 4 pulls and I'm with you. Next pull I won 1800 Nickels, then a couple hundred more, so I left exactly even for the night.

Maybe we'll go again before they leave.

Dad's Altzheimers is taking a turn for the worse but only time will tell what will happen. One of the husbands of the support group people, that Mom sees regularly, is a lot worse off. Apparently as a WW2 veteran, he felt it was his duty to report for service, so he dressed up in his old uniform and waited for the Marines to come pick him up for active duty. He was so disappointed they never got there. Another husband in the home, would periodically go thru everybody's room and collect all the jewelry and watches, then wear them, bracelets, earings, the works, downstairs. The staff would see him and say, "Been shopping again Phil?" to which he would reply, "Yes, I'm buying all this jewelry for my wife." She told the group, "He never ever bought me anything for 50 years so it's about time!"

Midnite the minority dog is back to his sly ways. Amy left her Turkey dinner on the couch for just a brief moment while she turned around to grab something off the kitchen counter. He was scoping out her dinner, I guess, cause both it and Midnite disappeared before anyone saw it. Amy came back and said where'd my dinner go? Only a bare plate remained as mute witness to a terrible injustice! A big black dog was found with a shit eating grin on his chops in the furthest back bedroom!

Time to go swim in the pool, Curiouoso*


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