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2005-03-07 - 5:08 p.m.

You should be so lucky, two entries in two days.

Work was more than just a monday, it was hellday monday.

Nothing like going to work and being told you fucked up Friday. OK, We didn't do what he complained about, true. However we were never asked to do anything special. Maybe, doubtfull, but maybe we listened but didn't hear, but all three of us agreed it was a communication error. I.E. there wasn't any! The real fact of the matter is shit rolls downhill and the lead got bitched at...therefore, Look out below!

Remember Mel Brooks? "It's good to be king?" Well I'm just a peon, and that means just what it says; you're prone to get peed on!

Then the housemate, not always a cheerful guy to start, was sick and didn't sleep last night because he drove in from midnite to 5AM.

Bitch, Moan, whimper all day, that gets really old, but I was assigned to work with him. By the end of the day I just said, "shut up! I've heard enough!"

That's curiouoso* for ya, full of tact!

How about a good day tommorrow? I won't piss and moan to you, and you promise to have a sunny day no matter what the weather, OK?

So have a fine day and I will too; God help the one that trys to bring me down Tuesday!!

Send me hugs and love and I'll return it thricefold! Deal? Deal.

Curiouoso shakes on it!


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