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2009-02-02 - 5:36 p.m.

A strange call came in the other day and ended up on the answering machine.

It was a very weak voice of someone who was very old or very weak in communication so had to strain to get the voice to come over.

Come over? What the heck is Curiouoso* talking about?

The voice was a woman's gasping out, "Amy, It's your Mother ( fading away almost incomprehensible), I need to tell you something about.....(Faded out here), it's important.....(totally gone, ending in static and just a sound of wind).

It was pretty eerie. The voice sounded like it was trying so hard to get the message out. I put it on Amy's voice mail, but she couldn't understand the message,only "Amy it's your...."

When you consider her mother passed away two years ago on 2/7/2007, that would be pretty wierd to get a call from her!

I hope it isn't a matter of life and death....

Curiouoso*, not sure if he wants to answer the phone late at night anymore.....


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