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2005-03-28 - 6:17 p.m.

Shopping, Yes, I bet many of my readers like to shop, right!

I went bookstore shopping at a really big used book store. I hauled in a few bags of books for trade, and as they were busy left them, as requested, for appraisal.

I came back the next day only to be told that if you don't come back the same day they throw them out! Have a nice day, next in line please!

Time out! Not too fast there pardner! We're not done yet, bud!

$20. credit and I'm feeling somewhat better though I don't know what they would have given me, so off to shop the big store.... I'm in the diet and exercize section, in front of me, on the opposite side of the shelf resides "sexology". Also apparently the abode of three 20 something girls, giggling and commenting that perhaps the books were written about them, or at least they could have written them.

Excuse me girls, that much giggling leads me to believe there's wishfull thinking here. Either buy a book and learn something or if this is some sort of advertising, yell out a price and I'll yea or nay, OK?

An hour later I have The art of war by Sun Tzu, cause I'm tired of reading quotes but never reading the book, a book on "The New World Order", another one I'll probably agree with partially in many respects and disagree violently with the root causes and most likely the fixes. Also a few others dutifully checked out by "Margo, The Queen of Kitsch". Don't ask, I did, and NO, she wouldn't rather be the princess, and did I want talk or books (asked in a disgusted voice)? She did have a nice clean girl next door look, a clear complexion only slightly marred by a u shaped silver stud with small balls on each end protruding through the center of her nose! OK, but it wiggled and shook loosely as she moved, somewhat odd. Better than the thick steel ring thru the center of another woman's nose I once saw. I really had a hard time resisting wanting to hook Midnite's leash to it and leading her around like a cow or a bull.

Ok now that I've lost all my regular readers, lets talk about Work...

I've been to some interesting places in the mine lately. The SX tower...Is that pronounced SEX or SUX? Trust me I've seen some of the people there.. it's sux. Then today, up to the far end where some pipes coming down the mountain were leaking bright green and blue. Hey not only is it pretty but it must be good stuff, there was a plaque on the wall for excellant environmental care last year! Just don't make the mistake that the green liquid pooling by the side of the road has anything in common with water!

I finally saw the dynamiting of the next mine area today. (This is open pit) A big boom, a little shake, then lots of flying dirt and rock with endless reverberations through the hills. Impressive.

Still popping my ears, Curiouoso*


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