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2004-11-29 - 4:21 p.m.

Thanksgiving weekend was OK around here, nothing new really. I did the turkey on the Bar-B-Que and basically lazed around all day. I have gone carb crazy this week as well as having a fling with "sweet tooth mania". If it has sugar in it I've already eaten it don't even look in the cupboard. I thought all that was under control for a year but it was just biding it's time to reappear with a vengence.

I've been doing a modified Atkins Diet for at least a year. Little or no Bread, not much in the way of sweets, and it works for me. I went down 25lbs and have stayed within an 8 lb range. It'd like to get down another 50, but it'll never happen in this lifetime; 30 would be great, but I'm not unhappy where I'm at. Make that where I was... I haven't checked, but I think I'm breaking out of my upper 8 lb range like a new helium balloon with a broken string.

I need steak - now. No more pie and cookies! All my pants were getting so loose around the waist, if I go backwards I won't be able to touch my toes anymore.

The nephew came to visit from Sin City, and hasn't gone home yet. My best friend and his wife are coming Thursday....Where to put them? Adeanna is thier daughter, I can't toss her out of her room. I've been increasingly restless because my computer has been used 24 hours a day, actually just the desk, keyboard and monitor-I have a KVM hooked up with a second computer; but I abhor people screwing with my stuff in my office! It's bad enough Ryan is in there on his computer all day.

The phone situation is back out of hand again...$30. worth of information assistance charges last month. A pure waste of money, no one will cop to it either.

Amy had me drive down to the blood bank with her thursday and convinced me to donate too. It's been a while for me so that's good. She started first but I bet her my bag would fill faster and I won as usual. The nurses thought we were nuts.

I'm a bit tired of being poked lately with the cholesterol test tuesday, blood donation thursday with attendent finger stick to check prior to the actual donation, and lasty, 2 hours of a new tattoo on the bottom side of my upper arm. that one was pretty sensitive. It's a Galway Hooker and came out real nice.
Once in Ireland a bed and breakfast lady said to us, "Oh visiting from Galway?" and pointing to a building out back," My husband keeps a Galway Hooker back there." I kept a straight face, though I was thinking, "pretty liberal minded aren't we?". I asked," Does she take up much of his time?" "Oh I really don't mind, it keeps him busy" she replied. Later Amy informed me a Galway Hooker was a boat!

The Christmas tree is up, the chores done and it's actually supposed to be 20F out there tonight. About as Christmassy as it gets in Arizona other than the mountains.

Maybe I'll catch the spirit, it couldn't be worse than a bad flu, could it?

The usual Grinchy Guy, Curiouoso*


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