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2006-03-30 - 6:16 p.m.

Happy Friday! I know it's thursday but the work days over and I'm set to have fun.

Today's quiz

What's black, takes up 6 parking spots, has 24 legs and at least 12 antenna's?

Hint: Knowledge of the law is a must, constant movement and paranoia like a meth junky on steriods is neccessary, and optimally a willingness to die for the cause is apropo.

Yep, you got it, an ex president's secret service team. We know it's X because the current one needs at least 30 or 50 agents because he's so hated.

Disagree with me? Go ahead. Just explain to my satisfaction why the Asshole is scared to actually meet real people! Maybe you'll convince me, NOT!

So why this topic?

Hippa probably prevents me from saying who or why a person was at a health facility, not to mention it's probably against the law (the secret laws they don't tell you about until you broke them) to mention an ex-president's itinerary, if indeed that's who was there, they wouldn't tell me cause then they'd have to kill me or something.

Anyway, Rumour has it, the mystery guests were a woman who was married to an ex-president, is ugly as sin, and is the mother of an another current president, and her husband.

Regardless, the secret service was pretty lackadaisical about thier duties, so there either wasn't any threat at all, or they sort of "stood down" like the Air Force on 9/11.

My only thoughts, (thoughts are not yet a crime, knock on wood) were that, God forbid, any current administration official or immediate member of thier family who was sick, was hopefully terminal, so as to relieve the rest of us for any responsibility for thier fucked-upedness. Let God judge them....The sooner the better!

By Ryan Parry

"PRESIDENT Bush's wife took powerful fertility drugs to conceive, a new book claims. Click here for full article...

Laura tried for more than three years to have children without success after marrying George W Bush."

Come on people! No amount of drugs can get you pregnant if your "husband" is a Faggot (apologies to all gay people) who won't/can't screw a woman!

I suppose somewhere, in some alternative universe, far, far away, where Elvis still lives, and hasn't left the building, male College cheerleaders are NOT GAY and are normal hetrosexual guys. Obviously NOT this universe!

Just remember for official purposes this Diary/Blog is just one big nightmare/fantasy and Curiouoso* doesn't exist! And how was your day??????


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