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2006-03-18 - 10:17 p.m.

Just Misc. stuff tonight.

I guess going out in public in your PJs are all the rage with the in crowd. Society rags delight in showing this or that movie star cavorting in pajamas. Well people, if you long to join them, please remember a couple general rules:

1. If you are over 40 or so, and or weigh more than 300 lbs, Shopping in public with your jammies on probably isn't a good idea. Nope, no matter what the in crowd wears.

2. If your breasts are in a race with your stomach to cover your knees while standing up, you probably shouldn't wear pajamas in the privacy of your own bedroom, not to mention out in public at a club or bar.

Yeah that's what I saw right here in Avondale, and I'm a lesser man for it. I can usually find something good about most women, but after that sight I was more concerned with nightmares rather than positive thoughts.

St. Patrick was honored here like every year with corned beef and cabbage, brown bread baked by Amy herself, Guinness, Fat Tire, Killians and Bud, 3 litres of Rotgut Red wine and 3 bottles of California Chardonnay.
Seemingly I did all the white myself, but feeling decent in the morning convincd me tis not so. (Yes I found 2 half bottles left over in the frige this morning)That's a good thing cause a bit of Guinness went down too.

I'm still in car Hell, but I won't bother you with the details, just to mention I got so pissed off last week at incompetence and poor customer service that I vowed to do all the Fiero work myself, starting with the front brakes.

I've been working on the bike, and yes the picture is coming soon. New pipes, new air cleaner kit, a power commander, a "bobbed" rear fender, new TT bars, the 4" lowered rear, make for over 110 horsepower and 132 foot pounds of torque @ 3000 rpm instead of much lower numbers @ 5000 rpm. I was feeling frisky today and actually opened it up at near full throttle getting on the freeway. I was a bit concerned with keeping the front wheel on the ground in third at over a hundred. Fourth and fifth gave the same feeling. Call me an old wuss but I'm still not ready to do more than 130 or crack that throttle all the way open on the way there.

And to think I've had it almost 2 years and haven't opened it up fully yet! I must be getting old!

I'm selling my bicycle for $1000. bucks soon, so maybe I'll have the cash to do the suspension and the big tire/rim combo.

Arizona Bike Week is in a few weeks. Steppenwolf will play there. Born to Wild, yep that's me.....

Wanna get wild with Curiouoso*? You know where to find me!


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