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2008-08-26 - 7:57 p.m.

These are coming faster than eggs thru a hen so be sure not to miss any!

I was beat again today for no good reason. I think I might be a little depressed with all the Drama going on at Mom's.

I get a paniced call from Ron in Reno today telling me all kinds of crap that turned out to be totally wrong. Peter Wheater showed up at Mom's, signed the attorney's papers and left. he was in good spirits and gave Mom all the keys to the house, back yard, garage, etc. He said he'd call her now and then but was definately staying moved out. He also returned keys to Ron's car.

So I had another hour or two stressed by Ron's insistant calls. Give it up guys, I'm not dealing with this crap any longer. I don't need it, Amy doesn't need it, and I've got stress enough already with my own schemes and hopes.

I've had some great ideas floated by me in the last few days, but I know where my bread is buttered and the number one thing for me is to keep it that way. Any thing I do must be in line with my own conscience and in ways that don't impinge on other people's happiness. I don't like being compared to other people's situations, because win-win is my desire.

Mostly that won't make sense to anyone, but if you ever think to judge me, remember everything you read here may not be exactly as it happened. Some of you may remember a year or two ago, a reader accused me of interfering in her family and lots of other things. Crazy people cannot always be avoided and thier warped perceptions often don't have any bearing on real life.

I'm afraid that Ron is beginning to fall into that category....sad because he has always been pretty stable. Why do people go off the deep end when they've had 50 years of practice staying normal?

I've never thought before that it might be a good thing that I'm one of a kind....All 6 of my brothers are half brothers. I never thought I'd consider that a good thing.

I hope that if I had dealings with any of you in *past lives* that you don't need to extract karmic revenge! I hope we had fine loving relationships!

Curiouoso* Happy in most respects, but sad that some things will never work out the way they could.

** I don't know how a past life could possibly be, but having remembered parts of at least three, I'm open to the concept.


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