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2005-12-19 - 9:10 p.m.

So many things have happened around here that I've neglected to mention that it's hard to know where to begin.

The people next door moved to thier new house and sold that one. Thier nephew, Ernesto, moved into our spare room. He always seemed like a nice kid for 21, but it's obvious that his upbringing just isn't what we expected of our 2 kids. Maybe because he has no father and his mother died when he was young, no family of his own save the cousins and his Aunt & Uncle, he doesn't have what I call common sense or RESPECT for others.

Initally Ryan was glad to have him around, but now can barely stand the sight of Ernesto. Amy & I told him he could stay through January if he paid $75.00 a week rent. We weren't to feed him and thought I made it clear that this wasn't an Apartment like situation. I.E. it was to be the same as living with his relatives. No overnight women, no loud boisterous drinking 24 hours a day, and he did his own laundry, dishes and cleaned up after himself.

First he takes up with a woman who has already been busted for car theft and has burgled houses and does speed regularly. We let her stay once, but she was not friendly to us and Amy specified she wasn't to come over again. He asked me and I said no. Then for the next hour he kept coming back to me and trying to make some deal about what conditions would be acceptable to us for her to stay. Finally I got mad and made it clear the answer was NO, NO AND NO! He ended up sneaking her in anyway, then claimed he didn't realize it wasn't ok cause she didn't have a place to go.(Maybe she could sleep in the stolen SUV she was driving!)

I just got a call from him where I had to tell him I wasn't going to go pick him up 15 miles away in the ghetto. He said he couldn't miss work tonight.... Not my problem! He called earlier and against my desire and Amy, I ageed to pick him up if he met me at the AM-PM. He was to leave right away (It's 1 block away) and wait for me there. 20 mins. later I arrived, waited 10 minutes then left a message that I would wait 7 more minutes till 8:00 then I was leaving. I'm beyond caring about his inconvenience.

I was away from home by 5Am returned from work at 5PM (2 plus hours of driving), then shopped for another hour. Going there and back took another hour. I'm done.

It's not like I have any time to myself anyway as Ryan's girlfriend got evicted and I won't throw those kids out on the street. She is supposed to get a new place after the first, and really tries to be helpful, but another 3 people in the house means no private time. Luckily 3 of her 5 kids are visiting relatives or I'd be moving out myself. As it is We've almost decided to sell the house and move to Scottsdale. More expensive but much closer to Amy's and my work. Plus, No one will be invited to live there! We almost decided on a house there for 459K, but I 'm not crazy about the expense.

Later this week I'm going to address personal ethics and how we react to things that are definately against our beliefs. Do you confront racists right then and there? Do you call a spade a spade, or do you equivicate and reason it might be a shovel or maybe even a rake? Isn't it about time we stood up and are counted? By the same token, sensitive people, Fuck em if they can't take a joke! I'm so sorry Miss Horowitz, I meant happy Hanukkah, not Merry Christmas, and you Muhammed Bismallah, Good Kwanza, I didn't mean to offend your Ass, by wishing you happiness and good cheer this holiday season! What a load of crap, Good wishes are far better that hate by any name!

Plentiful discount shopping times to all, Curiouoso*


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