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2007-04-19 - 4:53 p.m.

I can't believe how intelligent (not) so many of these pro-war people are. I pulled these comments off this ABC news article about Iran. First the propaganda is not even hidden or cleverly written. It seems like it's aimed at people who are anti-Iran already. Click here

The intelligent comments:

"Iran is giving very effective arms to eL Quieda and deveoping nuclear weapons and has publically stated IT will destroy Israel.
We HAVE to stop them. So it is either wait couple years till all hits the fan or do it now ... and it will all hit the fan, but less terribly.
Russia is rebuilding its Cold War Military Might and they will hit us when we hit IRAN .... so do it NOW while Rusiia is still weak and Iran is not yet to the nuclear capability"

Pretty scary that "eL Quieda!" Sounds like pretty bad spanish to me.

"has publically stated IT will destroy Israel."This was proven to be purposely mistranslated and was not at all what was said. BTW: Why do WE have to stop them? Let Isreal do it's own dirty work.

Then we have this Brainchild, "No do not stop Iran from it's nuclear program. When they strike they will take out Democrat strong holds in the US."

And this one, " History is trying to repeat itself. This is true in every way. So, now we need to make that move, kill or be killed. It is an axle of evil that is churning over there. Time is ticking away."

History repeating itself ???? Oh yeah, the famous "AXLE OF EVIL" Sounds like a few lug nuts short on that wheel!
"Time is ticking away." Who can argue with that!

There's more, but I think it's clear these people must have been dropouts from special Ed class.


On the home front, we have Senator McCain trying out for the Neocon version of American Idol, with his bomb Iran song.

I'm very impressed with the "Get Tough on Crime" folks who have been arresting children right and left, and even calling some of them "terrorists!"

I guess that's easier and more rewarding than actually arresting criminals.

Enough for now before I lose the last of my 3 readers.

Curiouoso* incredulous at the large numbers of brainwashed or just plain stupid people who comment like those above.


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