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2005-08-24 - 2:55 p.m.

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What Bad lines do you use to meet people?

Are you the "Haven't I met you before somewhere?" type, or perhaps the Cheesy line type? "I must be dead because I think I see an angel".

I tried most everything except the above lines at one time or another but I never liked the obviously fake or canned lines so I tried to make some up that might at least get a laugh. In college I took a Psychiatry class once where we learned that human beings have four basic needs, Breathing, drinking, food and sex. People try to satisfy them in that order. So I might say HI to a woman then explain the above. If she was still there after that I'd say, " Take a deep breath, Are you thirsty?, Are you hungry? No, Ok there's just one thing left!" I can't say it ever made anyone jump in bed with me but It did get some laughs.

Later I figured it was easy to approach someone, but what then? You needed a "hook", something that would grab someones interest and make them want to know more. Imight say I used to be married, but It got annulled. Most people think Non-consumation is the only reason you can get a marriage annulled, so they would ask why. That led to a complicated story about life, love and me.

Another Hook would be to talk about my hobbies, If they liked the same things that was common ground, and if they thougfht skydiving, bungy jumping, and stuff was too out there, it gave me a chance to try to expand thier horizens.

You know this is getting BORING. I really want to know how YOU hooked people into getting interested in YOU. Leave me a note and tell me.

Curiouos again, Curiouoso*


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