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2005-09-17 - 1:50 p.m.

What do they all have in common?

Motorcycles, not just another mode of transportation, but freedom made of metal! The lure of the open road, Easy Rider, fun sexy rides with opposite sex, change from Mr. Mild to Mr. Wild with The possibilty of adventure at every turn.

Bicycles and do-gooder dragons? This dragon commerates the 2000 Aids ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

550 miles of bicycling for a good cause. I actually made it every inch on my bike.

Hookers! Don't we love em? Get your mind out of the gutter, these are Galway hookers, silly. Most of these pictures are taken off Kinvara, Galway, where my wife grew up. I sailed on one of these last time I was there. I really want to sail to the Aran Islands next time. Now that would be an adventure. There are very few Real Galway Hookers left, most are at least a hundred years old.

(Thank you to the web sites I borrowed these pics from.)

Cactus, I've got lots in my Cactus Garden. This year I'm amazed at the way some of them apparently got acclimated to thier new home and grew like crazy.

Cactus aren't supposed to grow very fast.

Last but not least my daughter and I in July at her future inlaws house.

Last but not least, Midnite as usual.


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