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2005-03-02 - 4:57 p.m.

Cool things I got to see this week:

The Locomotive shop: They fix train engines and rolling stock in this really big building. I got to see a diesel locomotive motor being rebuilt. bunches of other stuff too. I played with H.O. trains as a kid so up close and personal is a treat. P.D. had 30 engines at one time, now they run about 10. I put in a word with a big boss that I want to ride in the locomotive one of these days. Not far, just far enough to start it up and make it go, you know, play Casey Jones.

The Power plant: I got to do some work in the power generating plant, 4 turbines, 2 natural gas and 2 steam turbines, which can produce 50 megawatts of power. More than enough to keep my house lit! They buy electricity every hour for the mine, and the towns of Morenci and Clifton. The control room is pretty cool with multiple computer screens of scrolling charts, graphs and symbols. Downstairs near the boilers it blooks like a plumber on L.S.D. went nuts with a crew of crazed plumbers and welders. Too Cool!

The Tank house: This is where the sulferic acid meets the leach slurry, respirators needed, then gets pumped to big vats beneath the floor, as long as a foothill field, big moving steel beams roll down the length of the building with a big hoist on it that drops multiple steel plates thru the slotted floor then comes back and pulls them out later as massive copper plates. The actuality of it far surpasses my lame description. BTW this is the second largest plant in the world.

I also started gathering rocks for my cactus garden, big green malachite ones, bright cobalt blue azurite rocks and chunks of raw copper slag. Red rocks that turn green like copper sculptures and others. I'll take pictures when I get my new camera battery.

Well time for chicken breasts off the B-B-Q.

Thanks for reading! Curiouoso is off to Eat and play with his cool little chunks of copper.


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