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2008-03-23 - 7:51 p.m.

Still here, still alive but barely. Yesterday we went to dinner at Paddy Burkes Restaurant in Clarenbridge. It was quite good. I had baked oysters and garlic mushrooms for appetizers, and they were great. Chicken Kiev was my main course, others having chicken Clarenbridge, which has a cream sause and asparagus, and others a cod/plaice bake which was awesome.

Tuesday night I think I'll eat at Moran's Oyster Cottage Restaurant at the Weir in Kilcolgan. They have the best Oysters ever so I like to go there at least once each trip.

Tonight we are going to a pub for traditional Irish music here in Oranmore. It's great to eat so well, but I'm gaining weight like nobody's business. We've also eaten at the Pierhead in Kinvara and at An Pucan in Galway.

Since we've borrowed a 2 bedroom apartment in the country, we've been cooking at home also. A friend owns the Travellor's Inn pub just down the road in Nogra, so we've often stopped by for a pints at night.

It looks like Amy's brother is going to cut lose with a piece of land for a home site in Moy for us. Her brother in law will build us a house or cottage there for about 80,000 euro. We had a nice site there once before, but failed to get it recorded and someone else grabbed it and built a house there about 15 years ago. Snooze ya lose I guess. This time we are going to try and make arrangements for the legalities before we leave.

We are currently 90% broke, it's so expensive right now with the Dollar situation. We are existing on credit cards, but soon we'll be paying the piper on that one.

Curiouoso, beginning to feel sober once again, at least till we go out in a bit!


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