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2007-03-08 - 2:36 p.m.

I decided to take an open contract that could go as long as 5 years. It's desktop support with a utility company. One good thing is that no matter how bad unemployment gets or the economy gets, people still need electricity and gas. This should make it a more stable work environment without as much chance for a layoff or early end to a contract as a business might have.

In the end, I really only had 3 current choices...another being on a military base doing a network rollout. That was shorter and may have entailed some sort of secret clearence, while there's no reason that wouldn't fly, one whiff of my anti-administration and Iraq opinions might have killed that off post haste.

Tomorrow I'll be scheduled for a drug test; Driving a desktop computer under the influence of drugs or alcohol ..... what a Scary and Dangerous concept! Only God (and Arizona employers apparently) know the potential fatal accident rate of stoned computer operators! Of course I don't do any sort of illegal drugs anyway (Been there-Done that so long ago even elephants can't remember) But I absolutely object in principle to this and while I will comply, will also vociferously complain to any and all people involved that they are fucked up and destroying part of American Freedom by participating. Hey if the president doesn't have to take a drug test and he "steers" the Nation, why should I, who "steers" a fucking computer? Maybe I'll reduce some people to tears and they'll quit. Sooner or later no one would do it. Right? That's what I try to do with telemarkers, and you can see how well that works!

OK, Rant over.

The puppies are gone. Midnite couldn't get along with them, causing untold stress around here. It near broke my heart to take them back to the shelter, we gave it a 5 month try, but it's not worth my health. There's just been too much stress this last year with the wedding, the financial stress of it, the deaths in the family, etc. to deal with puppies with too much energy and Midnite being so decrepit and demanding. Most likely we will put him down soon also.

Perhaps then, a 1 or 2 year old dog needing a good home, will become part of the family, but 2 puppies and an old dog just doesn't cut it for us.

I feel like shit about it, I'm the one who always says "Animals are not dispensable, they are a long term commitment". They will certainly be adopted out quickly, I'm sure.

Curiouoso* is off to buy clothes, lots of them.


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