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2008-07-23 - 3:06 p.m.

Just a quickie update for ya all...I really don't intend to screw around with any mafia princess's head, She might be even tougher than her dad and I postively hate having women mad at me, cause in this case if she might wish you dead, you just might get that way! And if you are intrigued with knowing a Hit Man, they would probably like a more polite term, Enforcer maybe? Besides why get on the bad side of someone reputed to have 20+ victims. or shall we say "work related extreme OSHA incidents?"

The trouble with many people these days is that they have no sense of humor, and no recognition of sarcasim or satire if it bit them!

I called the local talk show the other night when the topic was slot machines in the airport. This wasn't my usual liberal talk show, it was a more conservative host that Amy sometimes listens to. He was for it, and answered with "Curiouoso* in Avondale on the line" I stated, "I agree that slot machines in the airport might bring in a little bit more indian money and taxes, but why stop there? Lets go ahead and put them in the public school system, get the kiddie's lunch money. We own the property already and they aren't too smart anyway!" The host interupted and said, "I 'm not sure about that idea. That might be going too far."

I replied, "And why let the indians have all the money? Lets make it a public charity, half to taxes and the other half to bail out people that might have made a bad decision on thier mortgage....Isn't that better than alot of "Corporate Welfare" for banks that made crappy decisions, right?

He hung up on me! No sense of parody at all.

Amy at first said, 'Don't call in and say that! I don't want people to know I'm married to someone who says things like that! I can see it now, Amy goes to work in the morning and up comes her boss, "Amy, that husband of yours, Curiouoso* is just too redical! How can you live with someone like that? I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you go!" It would be an endearing trait, that naivete, at least it would be if she wasn't so serious! Curiouoso* thinking, wishing, hoping (and panting), for one last shot of imatating Leisure Suit Larry, Box Office Bust!


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