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2006-12-08 - 4:10 p.m.

Friday - Yah!

So we had the BIG CHEESE parade again today. Only 3 suburbans with the deep black window tint this time. There was 2 Chrysler 300s, or somesuch, also. Again the secret service looked like about 4 or 5 second stringers, a "waiting to retire" shortimer, and a couple of rookies. Maybe a Boss man around somewhere chewing his nails that this crew will do it's duty and he won't end up guarding our embassy in the "green zone". They certainly seemed like decent guys so they're OK in my book! Mr. Shortimer, was the newspaper really 3 hours interesting or were you taking a nap back there? Maybe you were covering up some supersecret anti-terrorist thing-a-majig with it; perhaps a direct line to Superman or maybe God. Sorry, I forgot you were protecting "God", or was it the "Godfather"? I think it was the Godfather, maybe he was being treated for Syphlis induced dementia, but that would only be a poor guess, cause only the Shadow knows for sure! Besides the penalty for mocking a BIG CHEESE is Gitmo, ya know, and I don't want to go there!

A friend of mine that worked at the mines came to work with us this week. I was surprised to see him Monday, and spent most of the week acclimating him to our job. I think he'll work out if I can just get him situated and feeling appreciated before he has one of his moody spells. He's a good guy but tends to get negative easily. By "sheparding" him through his first bit there, I hope He'll fit in real good. Hey, I can be a difficult personality sometimes so I understand him pretty well.

The puppies and Midnite are all OK again, but they are driving me nuts. Midnite just can't seem to let up on them everytime they are near. They are fearless, Anya even running right back to lick his nose 10 minutes after he snapped at her and made her yelp and cry for 5 minutes. When will they learn?

I got in my 10 minutes of good flirting each day this week. It's so fun to tease and be teased by nice women. I'm getting a number of good friends, but not close enough to get me in trouble. Well, except one, who seems to enjoy my visits to her cube as much as I enjoy going. She always says "Tom, you complete me!" to my questions if it's ok to come round. I always answer, "I can't wait to go there"! She's a dog lover too, with a personality that just brightens my day. Why work if you can't have fun? (and Chocolate every day.) Now's the season for goodies. Each area I visit has something to try. Yesterday it was cake with cream frosting and fresh strawberrys. The day before it was a "flower arrangement" made of fresh fruit. Kiwi, strawberrys, melon, cherries, really good stuff.

Only one thing dampens my spirit these days.....I feel I'm getting less and less able to speak coherently. I constantly lose the word, name, or description of what I'm trying to say. I never could remember movie stars names. I'd say "you know, the guy who played in "Mad Max" or something." Now I'm more likely to say, "oh that guy who made that movie (instantly not remembering) last year or so about Jesus." See I'd forget both the person and the example of the movie! And it's not just movies anymore. Today at lunch, I must have Sr. momented 10 times.... At least I finally convinced my Doctors to give me some kind of Brain test in January. Hopefully they will find out it's the one Drug I take daily, and fix it. Or that It's all the drugs I've taken in the past, and a simple lobotomy will fix everything up just fine.

I just hope it's not the fact I'm turning 55 in Dec. after Christmas! If it is, I want to go backwards instead of forwards from here on out!

Forgetfully, What is my Handle here? Oh yeah, Curiouoso*


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