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2008-03-25 - 2:52 p.m.

Tuesday morning & Amy is off to the new world. The music in the pub the other night was good, but it was so crowded.

There was a guy with a banjo, one with a bowran, an accordian and a keyboard. The spoon player was not there, alas, niether was the fantastic woman bowran player.

I had a temporary flash of the old days when you would working on your fourth or fifth pint and magically another 4 or 5 would appear in a line demanding attention. I was taking it easy but after the first sip of my second pint 2 more appeared, so I threw in the towel...No Mas, No Mas!

It was far too crowded for a recluse like me, and considering some fellow had a fit of farting that wouldn't end, made me call off the night early.

Last night Breege had us over for dinner which was great, but it was hard to concentrate since she is 4'11'' and normally built like the wizard of Id women, but being pregnant was built like an Austin Healy Chassis with a tan! I never quite figured out what that song referred to, but it must be good, cause my Healy was pretty strong! Anyway, the Rat Ryan was telling me about a woman the other night whosae nickname was "Special K" cause she was definately "special" and K sized! Well she had nothing on Breege!

I had to call "Meter Maid" up this morning and ask her how to work the stove...It was gas and wouldn't light, no desire here to blow up a new house. It turns out you needed to turn on the electricty to the stove to make it light. So said Meter Maid when she showed up in her bathrobe to fix it for me. This time I wasn't even tempted. Believe that & you'll believe anything!

I've gotta go, I've worked myself all up and I need to get ready to go out tonight for dinner with Meter Maid. I'm in JFK tomorrow morning at around 9:30 so you know I'm thinking of a special lady I'll be meeting there.

Curiouoso* about to fly this coop!


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