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2005-02-22 - 7:34 p.m.

(This got real scattered tonight, starting in mud and ending up on Mars. Please excuse my misguided attempt to write a real diary entry. Curiouoso*)

I passed my mine driving class! Now I can drive with the big trucks!

No one failed, so it wasn't that big of a deal. It does bring it all home what those trucks can do after you've seen multiple pictures of large full size pickups flattened like sheets of paper as the haul trucks just keep driving not realizing that wasn't a small bump they just ran over.

With all the rain last week the mine roads have lots of potholes in spite of constant grading by big cats.

Over the weekend a haul truck hit a pothole that nearly swallowed it up! (Remember those bad boys have 16' tall tires on them) Apparently it was a big pool of mud and when the truck hit it, it ripped off the real axel and near swallowed the truck. I don't think any normal company pickup would live thru that pothole. Yesterday my buddy drove thru a big puddle and it ripped off our muffler, go figure. Today I gingerly went thru it and instead of being 2 feet deep it was deep enough to throw a wall of water over the front of the truck, maybe 3 and a half feet deep. Luckily I was driving a 4 wheel drive and it didn't stall.

Work has been going pretty well the last 2 days, no big screwups like last week, where it seemed I had to manditorily err the first time I did anything. I worked 13 hours today then 2 at the gym. By the time I sleep it'll be time to start over.

My housemate grilled ribs and chicken on a small bbq I bought last week, and it was awesome! Since We each have $200. a week for food to expense, we could eat real good if there was any expensive restaurants near, but no such luck. I make up for it with filet mignon and shrimp regularly. Maybe I can special order lobster....If I wasn't trying to lose weight they pay for wine also.....

Trust me no one would want to visit here except maybe in the summer for a day, so we need some small entertainment, and food suffices. I haven't ridden the motorcycle since I brought it up a few weeks ago, too rainy. I used to have a life, but now bed beckons early every night.

Well, I'm off to try some more Directed dreaming, tonight I'm going to try visiting London or maybe Stockholm. I haven't had too much success the last few nights.

Maybe I should dream big and try Mars, if I do dream it no one could say I didn't cause they haven't been there for reals either. Still curious after all these years, Mr. Curiouoso* to you!


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