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2005-11-11 - 9:16 p.m.

What does Veterans day mean to me?

It makes me think of those friends that never had a chance to grow old with thier children and thier families.

It reminds me of those friends that came back physically whole, but with occaisonal strange effects that affected them in so many unhealthy ways.

It reminds me of those who came back in pieces, alive but not often in the same existance as the rest of us.

Perhaps it reminds me of my older brother, who lived the American dream, marrying his high school sweetheart and having 2 beautiful young girls, only to return from being a leader of men in war, to never ever speak of the horrors he went thru. Eventually to give up his whole family, abandon them forever and disappear, unable to relate to normalacy again.

What terrible danger to America was worth these things? It couldn't be the lies of the Tonkin Gulf or The domino theory, could it?

No, these men suffered Por Nada, No reason except the lies and manipulations of Viet Nam.

Meanwhile, today, good men, growing up from boys too soon, are dying for a new madman's lies and insane meglomania.

We must rid ourselves of this pestulence before these soldiers return from war, to realize the deciet that klled too many of thier peers, and make what's left of America burn with thier anger.

Support our soldiers by ridding them of puppet masters who only see them as cannon fodder. Please do it now, legally within the law, instead of waiting till our returning soldiers take matters into thier own hands in a violent, unpredictable bloodbath.

Curiouso* needs your help to cleanse our society now of hate and neocons before someone else does it for us, perhaps to America's regret.


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