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2006-04-12 - 8:07 p.m.

This week hasn't been too bad. Mr Vanilla, my co-worker, isn't enamored with his moniker, but I think he'll get used to it. He's discreet so I don't feel at all concerned with his reading....In spite of being different in age, politics, and out of the box behavior(me) and straitlaced behavior (him), we get along real well. I think he could easily become a real close friend, a true best friend. For now we just argue politics and merciless one up each other, though it's not designed to be cruel and both of us seem to be carefull that we don't push the other too far. I've been trading lots of natural resoiurce stocks, Gold and energy. Both Mr. vanilla and our other late co-worker Mr. Hairless, have been trading many of the same stocks. Mostly we've been doing good, though Van has less money invested and took some small hits. hairless is thrilled having doubled his money in less than 2 months.( Buy a rug ,Buddy!) I've been on a roll since the first of the year, but I keep telling them to make thier own decisions, as I don't want to lose any budding friend ships over a potential losing investment. As you know I've been quite pleased as well, having gone from $32,541 to $53,500. since the first of the year. Stll we spend that in 6 months, so that's not much for retirement is it?

I got a new Razor phone. It's pretty cool, but I'm too lazy to really program it so no one calls me yet.

I have this insane urge to put about $3500 bucks into the motorcycle, but not having the allocated cash seems to slow me up a bit. We just have to sell this house, invest some of the money in Euros, some in Swiss francs, and the rest in producing gold mines or successful canandian oil sands companies and in 9 months we can buy a $300,000.00 house, cash. by then we should be able to pick up a currently 500K house for 300 or 350K. Out of debt what great idea.

I'm thin mentally already, so don't be surprised in the next few weeks how much weight I will have lost! If I ever get Mad Cow Disease I'm just going to have the brain surgeon fill up all the holes in my brain with cottage cheese and silicone glue. I'm sure that works as well as the real thing. Who knows maybe they'll call it the "Curiouoso Cure" some day!

Curiouoso* getting more mentally spaced every day, but intelligenter than ever! And of course more gentlemanly and scholarly every day! Now what did I do with that little mouse Algernon?


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