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2007-10-28 - 7:06 p.m.

We decided to go to Las vegas next weekend. Friday through monday morn.
Hey If anyone wants to meet there just say so leave an email address and I'll either email you my cell number and we'll figure it out or I'll call you if it's more convenient.

I'm really not expecting to be very mobile so no dancing for me. Amy would love that though!


Somehow these things never made it to the diary.

Here are some notes I've left recently:

Good luck with your new "Toy". My ex-next door neighbor once told me his girlfriend would wear out the batteries every time she used hers BEFORE she even came.(She took awhile I guess, but I digress) He went down to Radio Shack and got an AC adapter and hardwired it into 120volts! No more batteries, but he swore the electric bill went way up! I'm sure you won't have that problem! If you do, forget the "Toy" and give me a call! (My Bad. Just kidding)

Curiouoso* doesn't even daydream about women younger than his daughter....Well Ok, but just a few of his wonderful readers!


Please send me your diary password so I can add and read you. Since I'm on your favorites, you know I'm not one of your students! Maybe we can talk about you helping me find a couple of Belgian friends I've lost track of.

Curiouoso* presumes alot of people he's never met!


Thanks, for the note. I'm glad the fire danger is about done. Our friends in Fallbrook are on thier way home also.

Like you I am a native of California. San Francisco. People think we are nuts because we say earthquakes? no problemo...Now Tornados... fuggeddaboutit!


This looks great...Now if if I could only get a discrete, wonderful, fuck friend, so I could use thier services....Hey maybe that's a good add-on service they could provide....

Alibi Services

With the pressures of modern life many of us have occasion to stray from our commitments. This is often a short-term encounter, unrelated to our long term plans, but with modern technology, it has become increasingly difficult to carry on such a temporary activity without being detected. The surfacing of such an encounter in any way whatsoever, can put an incredible strain on all parties concerned. Family life, friendship and business's well-being can all be jeopardized for what may indeed have been a totally inconsequential short-term objective.

Curiouoso* thinks that about explains the urge to merge whenever!


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