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2006-07-11 - 8:16 p.m.

Just some odds and ends today, random stuff I've been thinking about that I neglected to put anywhere yet.

You've heard me say many times that I flip off anyone who honks at me automatically, that it's not road rage just my opinion of ignorant assholes honking at me. Well in San Francisco I actually did get a bit out of hand. It started with my son saying "That guy just honked at you!" I said, which guy?". I just meant to fuck with him a bit, nothing serious so I flipped him off. Then at the stoplight his window was down so I yelled, "Don't ever honk at me for nothing again asshole!" I didn't like his wussy looking response so I just sort of flipped out. Fuck You Dickless Motherfucker, I 'm feeling a bit stressed and you look like just the fucker I'd like to take my frustrations out on dickweed! Get out of that car and come over here so I can kick your ass and teach you not to honk at people you don't know, fuck face!

He replied, "I have children in this car be quiet."

I then said Hiding behind the little bastards huh, Well I have kids in the car too, but I don't pork thier ass when I tuck them in at night like you do. You best get the fuck outta here cause I'm pissed now!

So I found myself getting wrapped up in doing bodily harm to that guy, but he wisely turned and sped away. Ryan said, "I bet if he did get out you would have said, Ryan, go take care of that for me!" I replied "No, with John (My Irish brother in law, 6' 5 and probably 275 lbs of wide shoulders and pure muscle) he wasn't coming over here for love nor money!"

So that just took on a life of it's own, too wierd. But when I saw the news article about the guy in Florida who was shot for honking at the wrong guy, I thought,Serves him right! And you thought I was Bad!

Speaking of news reports police in Las Vegas shot someone who had thier car stereo up to loud. If it was rap crapI'm all for it! If it was 60's& 70's Hard rock, remind me not to drive in Vegas!


I go to two different weight support meetings, one once a month to get those diet pills Mayo Doctors claim will kill me before I get thin, and once a week to a Thin "Learn" class. At the first there are many people there getting drugs, mostly women. And not just big fat women, but some of the most beautiful women I see. Thin, and being in Scottsdale, they can probably afford to look good. Even the ones that are heavy mostly look fine!

Who'd a thought?

At the weekly meeting, I'm the thinnest person there, and some really nice people go every week. There are a couple very attractive women there as well. Why do they have poor opinions of themselves? I'm going for health and so are some of the 400 pounders, but especially at the first place, many don't need anything to be beautiful.

So I said to Amy, "why won't you have sex with me if I've had anything to drink?" She said I don't want you when you drink (like i'm a problem or somesuch). I replied ,"But If I don't Drink, I don't want to have make love to you!" (That's a joke, rather poor I know)

I thought I'd try to get a little tonight, but it's not my birthday, and besides I think I traded that date for the Fourth of July so Rockets could go off inside and out at the same time. I wondered how to time that but Amy said, "Don't worry start during the finale, the fireworks usially last for a minute or two then, so you be just fine timing that if you start at the beginning! We aren't talking intercourse here, we're including foreplay and cigarettes after I think!

Ok, so I exagerated there, No Quarter century married couple could last that long.

Curiouoso* trying something different tonight, I'm "Cheating" with my Left Hand tonight!


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