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2006-01-29 - 7:27 p.m.

I'm such a lazy begger, not updating for a while. I'd say I've been so busy, but there's always time for the things you want to do.

Last week everybody moved out! Ryan, Arlinda, and the 2 kids found a real nice little apartment for $600 a month. His friend who was living in the spare room got intimidated by me the night I was in such a foul mood and just up and left, leaving everything but his TV behind. Ryan saw him and told him he'd bring all the clothes to him. I spoke to him on the phone and said I didn't have a problem with him but I did want him to pick up all his stuff. I also jokingly told him that if he didn't pick it up I was going to sell his birth certificate and social security card to the first hispanic illegal outside Home Depot with $300.!! Apparently he belived me cause he called Ryan and begged him to get his documents back right away! My Bad!!!

It's really quite peacefull here now and we can enjoy visits from them, without having the stress of losing our space.

We found a house today, 2800 sq feet, for 420K, 5 bedrooms, a 3 car garage, an even bigger back yard than our present one(!) with a nice self cleaning salt water pool about twice the size of ours!

Do you think it's a bit much for two? Midnite needs his space too!

It would be only 5 miles for Amy to go to work as opposed to 24, and about 20 for me rather than 35 or 45 I go now.
That alone will pay for the higher house payment.

Melanie finally answered my request for a dollar amount for her wedding...She still didn't itemize things, but she wants another 10,000. from us and 15,000 from Nick's parents.... Money must be growing on trees somewhere, but I haven't found that orchard yet! My original idea was to call the 5 grand we've already spent a done deal, but I guess we won't be retiring anytime soon now.

We went to Amy's co-workers retirement party last night, but I didn't want to stay too long. That group takes too long to get rowdy, and sober karioke is not my idea of hot times in the city. I was told to stick with 2 or less glasses of wine and I couldn't karioke Jimmy Buffet's "Lets get Drunk and Screw" which I'd have been willing to do, so I saw Janet Joplin's "Mercedes Benz" in the list and agreed to do that, a capella, but somehow no one else could find the listing and the song number, so I lucked out and didn't sing. I know I didn't imagine it but at least I avoided singing!

I'm still smarting from the time I agreed to help with a skit at a "Castle Dinner" in Ireland, in front of 200 people, only to find out when done, that singing "Danny Boy" was part of the deal! Yeah I lived through it and actually sound decent (I was drowned out by the audiance singing) on the "Blackmail tape" our friends recorded that night.

I miss the AAA insurance parties we used to go to. That office knew how to party!

Imagine 30 coworkers and spouses/ sig. others, Chanting "Mudslide Mudslide Mudslide" over and over for one woman to down another mudslide. A 300 lb 5 foot woman and her equally large obnoxious husband besotted, and him coming up to me and asking, "Is it all right If I go out back with Amy and make out?"

My reply was "She's her own person, ask her", which I knew would result in him taking his life in his hands.
Later, I sought him out and suggested that my best friend's wife would be up for that, causing Arturo to say, "It's OK by me, and Miss Meryl to run like hell in the opposite direction.

After many more adventures, with the majority feeling no pain, Horace, a 25 year veteran Highway patrolman, drunk off his butt, offered to escort us home with his cruiser, so we wouldn't get popped for drunk driving!

Now that's a party even six's Assholians could enjoy!

Next entry, the Motorcycle and how it got super quick and rides like it's on rails! Wow, I own it and and even I get a bit intimidated now! Pictures coming, as well as Advice kindly requested by "Square".

Beddy bye for Curiouoso*, Good Night!


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