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2005-07-24 - 8:55 a.m.

All this last week I've been busy after work. The monsoon season arrived here and the high winds dumped alot of dust and leaves in the pool last weekend. Suddenly it was turning green again. I poured lots of chemicals in it and killed the algae but the water foamed up and looked like the Stringfellow Acid Pits. I did this and that to it and tested the water again and again till by wednesday it was crystal clear again. I swore I was going to rest all weekend, but No, I spent a couple hours putting up a mister system in the back yard. Wow! The best improvement to the house yet! Now we can actually sit outside in the 118 degree heat and be comfortable.

The real question is why am I in my office on this desktop when I could be outside on the wireless laptop?

Explain that and you get a prize.

I believe I mentioned that while I "love" women, that beautiful women are more like objects of fine art than ladies to be pursued, these days.

I mean They are great to see and be around, but that's about it.

The office where I work could be considered a great art museum with all the attractive, friendly women there.

I could easily be in 7th heaven if I let myself get distracted. (Just keep repeating, There's no place like home, no place like home.)

Anyway, everyone is very friendly and it is a great place to work. Maybe that's why I'm working so hard, to try to get hired permanently.

The funniest thing I' heard this week, from a large grandmotherly looking woman to my coworker, a 35 yr old Duece Bigalow clone, "I'm going to bitch slap you silly, boy!"

Going to get misted now, Curiouoso*


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