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2008-07-20 - 12:22 p.m.

I'm in the mood for another entry and what happens? Senior moment!

Both my projected subjects flew right out the window like hungry giant condors after pigeons.

What's left? Exactly what's left on your porch when hungry giant condors finsh thier dinners.

So instead of delighting you with philosophical arguements in the difference between belief alone or belief plus action = results, or action alone getting results, that's entry 1, or entry 2, How we are getting Fucked by credit card companies and/or lending institutions without really trying, I'll just give you a run down on what's gone on this week. If you don't want to be bored quit reading after the first paragraph.
Sorry, too late, you're commited already.

1. I didn't go to the Gym once this week. Not at all.

2. Wednesday I got up at 3AM, felt great, took my morning vitamins first thing, and promptly got one wedged in my throat sideways. Commenced violently choking, and tried to Heimlich Maneuver myself, until it finally went down, not up. My throat was sore all day.

3. I got a notice from a credit card that they lovered my credit line from 35K to 10K. I never used nor intended to use that much, but it occurs to me that will impact my percentage of total credit to available credit in a bad way. Plus that card went from roughly 25% credit used to 90% credit used.....Anotherwards, with no change in my situation, it looks like I've spent up to my credit limit, which impacts credit scores a lot. If other cards see that and reciprocate, I will have no free credit (Ok as I'm not really purchasing much now that way)but making it look like I've survived by using all the credit I can get. That may make all my credit cards raise interest rates to who knows what/ 28 or 35%?? Right now they are 9% to 12%, 35% could precipitate a crisis. I've already decided if my excellent credit is fucked that way, I won't pay any thing on any card like that, just squirrel away all the money.

Mabe I have too much credit...maybe not, but I pay my bills and I really resent getting screwed by something like this. Perhaps none of this will happen and life continues to be good?

4. I want to call and meet this new friend, but as I get older, my stomach gets bigger and sticks out more while my pecker appears smaller and doesn't stick out much at all. Who wants to meet someone like that? this diet isn't fixing that fast enough.

5. Things keep going better at work so what's the prob?

Mom and her friend will be here friday if she makes it that long without flipping out over traveling with a different man.

Curiouoso must go and fix the water purifier. He fixed it last week with all new filters, but it isn't filtering fast enough. water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

Hey! What's happening to the Great Javalena Hunt? The web site has gone strangely quiet!


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