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2008-08-28 - 3:08 p.m.

What a morning! This is what happened:

Amy said,"Do you know that it is 10 minutes after 4?"

I woke up and Replied, "Of course I do", while glancing at the clock.

She said, "I bet you forgot to turn on the alarm".

What would any red blooded American man say to that? It's like questioning his ability to find places in the car without directions! "Of course I set the alarm! I bet the damn electricity went out in the storm last night!"

Amy shook her head and said, "There wasn't any storm last night!"

Curiouoso*, not to be deterred responded, " You and the dog were snoring so loud of course you couldn't hear the lightening!"

"Lightening doesn't make any sound, dingbat!"

"Of course not!", Curiouoso* replies triumphantly, " It's no wonder you didn't wake up!" Curiouoso* shuts his eyes and rolls over further into the soft covers, right on the dog's tail.

"Yelp!" barks Rosie, and promptly bites Curiouoso* on the Butt!

Curiouoso* leaps out of bed and yells, " You Bitch!"

Rosie just wags her tail, but Amy sits up and screams, "Just because you are mad at me for waking you up for work, You can't call me a Bitch!

2 minutes later, no shower, no shave, and a sore butt, Curiouoso* speeds off in his car to work, barely arriving in time.

Aren't spouses wonderful?


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