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2004-12-15 - 11:28 a.m.

More Good news on the Family Front:

Alcoholic Pablo finally found a place to stay for the Christmas season, no more homeless guy! Yep you got it....He's spending a few weeks in Santa Rita courtesy of the legal system. (Santa Rita = Alameda County Jail) That'll teach you to get drunk, resist arrest and get your arm busted for your trouble. Don't come here when you get out, or Mom's either.

Brother number 4, Christoff, has turned 44 but looks 60. He still doesn't do anything but collect Social Security....Yeah, He's disabled....unable to work because people bother him!? Last time I saw him he showed off his new prized possession, a plastic model car kit that he got on sale for $50. instead of $100. But he can't afford his medication, right? I said cool, why don't you build it? He can't cause He's unable to follow thru with plans. (Plans and action obviously bother him too.) The good news? He still lives with that fucked up mental case woman, they don't have sex, they are not girlfriend-boyfriend, she just needs a free place to stay. See he can carry out long term plans....Oh, the good news....No sex means she won't get pregnant.

The nephew finally left last weekend, but he called my daughter and suggested he might like to visit for a while.... :( .

Brother 3 Rinaldo and Deborah his spouse have more time for themselves and more room around the house these days. They told his youngest she needed to move out cause she was too old @ 19 to live at home. Where? Grandma's maybe....


Emough updating for now, I just thought I've been ranting too much and too political lately so needed a change of pace. Now that we're changed, let's go back to the "good Stuff".

It has come to my attention that I write in a rather stilted manner. Totally unlike the way I speak. Perhaps more like the way my multiple personalities argue amongst themselves during the long awake nights. It isn't going to change, deal with it!

Back in October I mentioned something about cleaning up my office...Well I did it yesterday. See I can make and carrythru long term plans! So I'm looking around at the walls I can finally see, and what is on them?

1> My Great Grandparents framed wedding certificate dated October 25, 1903, on one wall,

2> My Great Grandfathers framed "Soldiers Memorial, Foriegn Service Cuba and Porto Rico" for company F, 10th infantry, certificate dated May 1900, Mantanzas, Cuba, on the opposite wall,

3>Behind me a Framed Montage of pictures of me from about age 2 through 32, most of the different stages of life. Cute kid, studious student, wannabee jock, wild man of the 60's, the studly boy toy years, settled down married young family guy, and proud parent. We didn't leave out too many!

Then in front of me my desk, flanked by the left bookcases with a couple hundred computer books and on the right another floor to ceiling bookcase with a few hundred paperbacks of varying topics. _______________________________________________________
Last night' bad dream was a refreshing change. Instead of being chased,stabbed & mutilated in untold multitudes of ways as is the usual nightmares, I got to do the killing. Why I do not know, but it was a bitch getting rid of the body. A hundred different ways and none worked. Add to that the unusual calmness of some unnamed elderly Aunts who came across me in the commission of the crime but acted as if it was normal and that was a nightmare.

Note to self - Don't try this at home, Curiouoso*


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