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2005-12-10 - 12:04 a.m.

Today we talk about watching your friends back. Who do you trust?

A while back I mentioned the motorcycle customizing shop incident where the asshole went and got a gun to intimidate me. The next door neighbor's kids, wannabe gangbangers, both jetted. "We have warrents and didn't want to get arrested." Wussy fuckers! Ryan my son, just stayed there, not worried about the sudden appearence of the gun. I just picked up the box of my parts and carried them away.... It's one thing to get a gun and another to use it. Now Ramon, the next door neighbor wouldn't have left. Cindy, his old lady probably would have pulled out a straight razor and sliced and diced the bastard! They are down with being loyal and cool. Where they went wrong with thier kids is unknown, but the kids have no guts.
I don't want to go into the incident tonight, but when I go out of my way for someone I expect a little solidarity.

When ernesto got jumped the other day by 3 guys, his girlfriend didn't make any decisions on what to do, she just jumped right in and punched one of the guys until he flattened her with a punch. Then they split, just left, so neither ernesto or her was seriously hurt. If she hadn't, maybe they'd have beat ernesto to a pulp, then had there way with her. Her quick action turned the tide.

Lesson, Don't abandon your friend. Solidarity and covering someones back means sticking it out! There's safety in numbers and danger in not fullfilling ones promises.

Curiouoso* Not as tough as I once was, but tough enough once as I ever was.
Apologies to the song!


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