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2008-05-10 - 10:49 p.m.

Tonight was the night we were going to "make a date" according to Amy. Make a date? I said no way, if I have to schedule sex ahead of time I'd rather do without. She doesn't understand that, but whats with loving each other for so long and not being spontaneous about stuff like that?

Ok, feel free to beat me up for that comment, ladies, but I just want true spontaneous fire, that feeling new lovers have of not being able to keep thier eyes minds or hands off each other! When someone asks " Are you two married or just friends, and you are so enamored with your paramour you can't help saying,"Married, but not to each other!" Because you shine with love and they should know nothing else matters at that particular moment.

Jim Morrison said, "Come on baby light my fire, you know we couldn't get much higher," or maybe we'll burst into flames!

Is that what you want too?

I want to ride the motorcycle with you, stop by a babbling brook, drink some wine, share an apple together, and then create a memory that lasts forever of a perfect day with the perfect person burned into my mind and consciousness forever.....regardless of where we are in the future, at that moment, in that memory, we are one forever, in full possesion of eath other to neithers detriment.

I read some of you may be there or getting back to that state. I'm happy for you.

Uncle Jimmy inscribed his headstone, "This day will never come again". I miss him a lot, Don't let that day or person get away!

Sometimes I wonder if I let too many days go bye without doing the max I can to not let them go to waste.



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