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2006-10-22 - 9:35 a.m.

NAME THAT DOG CONTEST! NAME THIS BOY PUPPY AND GET $10.00 sent to you if your name is chosen!

Yesterday Amy & I went to a dog "show" sponcered by the city. All last week Amy alternated between I'm not ready for a new dog to I want a retriver about 2 years old.

At the show she saw so many black labs she was saying that was her choice. Then, just as we were leaving, we saw a bus from the humane society full of adoptable dogs. She saw and fell in love with a golden retriever/german shepard mix puppy. I said " which one do you want? The boy or the girl?" She decided both of them. Nothing I could say or do could dissuade her.

Now our house is the proud abode of 2 - 8 week old little "shit machines"!

Yes, that's what puppies do, eat, sleep and poop, over and over.

The week was pretty good. I got the Fiero registration, the motorcycle fender repainted, lots of work done, saw the Blue angels airshow 3 times(one "real" show and 2 practice sessions), got Monday and Tuesday next off so Amy and I can go on a 4 day anniversary celebration (26 years now!) and went to the Cardinals-Bears game.

OK, I need boy puppy names...the girl is Anya, Irish for Anna. Make it something different!



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