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2006-07-08 - 4:19 p.m.

Saturday Morning _ We got up early and I dropped the Motorcycle off at Extreme Seats
for a custom 2-up seat so Amy will ride with me. I mounted the new fiberglass fender on the back last week so it's ready for the seat then paint. Maybe here:

This is a budget job though.... And custom paint with airbrushed scenes are VERY expensive for good jobs. I had just an airbrushed painting of a "cafe" and my motorcycle sitting in front of it, painted on my tank, in 1980, and it was $300. Today that would be $600. or a Thousand. I heard of a really nice total paint job that cost about $10,000! It would be nice, but if someone doesn't realize by looking at my bike that it is quite customized, they must have been living in a hole for years.

So if Amy doesn't ride after the new seat, customized for her butt, and sissy bar, I'll need some volunteers from out there for fun short day rides.

1. An enjoyment of fun company and love of motorcycle riding. Ability to relax and trust the driver to take your fears and confidence of riding into consideration at all times.
2. Must be 21 to go to "bars or clubs" that the other cyclests may end up at. Preferably over 30 or 35, but exceptions possible depending on the individual situation.
3. Must be able to fit into all strata of society, without any immediate judgements. I.E. should we end up riding with some Hells Angels or older dudes with long hair and flowing white beards, we go with the flow and accept them for what they are, here and now. Trust Me to not allow anything you aren't comfortable with. (I.E. maybe some start drinking too much and getting out of hand, I'd certainly make my amends and leave also.)
4. Must enjoy not only being the center of attention, but also "laying low" as appropriate.

Must be local should be here but who knows, maybe I'll take off one of these days and ride off to the sunset with you in tow....Any takers????

I'm somewhat regretting that I didn't have time at the wedding to really visit with a lot of people I haven't seen for years. Time is just too short to not spend as much of it as possible with those who are most important to you.

Soon the official Wedding pictures will be released on a web site for perusal and purchase by interested parties. I'll let you all know what the url is as soon as I know. Maybe they will have some pictures of me there that makes me as handsome as I think I am! Amy, Mel and the rest will also be there in full living color!

I just replaced the pool filters and it's looking cleaner and cleaner every minute. The water falls are working as new and even the dolphin is smiling! I'm going to go join him now as it's 105 and pretty warm right now.

Curiouoso* says bubble bubble gurgle as he dives beneath the cool blue waters....


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