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2009-02-09 - 1:49 p.m.

I was at Fry's in Phoenix last week, And asked a clerk if he had any ScSi host adapters. He replied, "What is a SCSI host adapter? I've never heard of that." I almost said, "Why would you have, you work at Fry's in the computer department!?", but I bit my tongue. I said it was an interface for hard drives and other equipment. Actually, it was the only drive interface on Macintoshes till recently. It is one of the oldest, yet fastest interface available. Almost all servers use SCSI drives. Nuff said? Maybe he was Braindead?

I wandered over to a geeky looking guy in the misc & toy area. Do you have any Small Computer Systems Interfaces?
He looked at me and replied, "I haven't seen any here for over a year, but check the internet and they still have lots of SCSI host adapters and drives available." Now he's a keeper, but not in the toy department!

I went to BevMo, a large liquor store that has a good selection of wines and other alcohol. I had a 5% off coupon for being a good customer and bought about $100.00 of merchandise. I noticed the cashier had a hard time ringing in the coupon, but he finished the sale and I paid. He gave me back my coupon and said, "you can use this again next time." I replied, " Didn't you already ring it in and give me my discount?" He said, "yes, but you can get another 5% off next time." When I got home, I looked at my receit carefully. NO Discount! Lying Bastard! What's so hard about asking for help if you can't ring something for the customer?

I believe I mentioned the time I went to Radio Shack and asked for a phonograph cartrige and the clerk responded,"What's that?" I replied it's part of the needle that gives you sound on a record player. "Records? We don't carry anything like that at all," she said. I had to open the catalog and inform her they most certainly did and had a number of them.

Enough for now, Curiouoso*


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