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2005-07-16 - 8:58 p.m.

Blast from the past - impressing children for good behavior.

Rat Ryan was all boy. That meant sword play with sticks a'la The Mutant Ninja Turtles etc.

Once Amy got hit near the eye with an errant stick. Even with an emergency room visit Rat Ryan wasn't impressed enough to quit playing with sticks with his friends. Then he got hit the eye and it really hurt. We bundled him into the car and drove up to the emergency room.

The attending physician looked at it and told us he was lucky that time and he was OK. I said, "excuse me, but can I have a word with you?"

"I want you to bandage the whole side of his head and put a black patch on his eye . Tell him that he needs to leave it on for 3 days, and IF he is real careful and doesn't bother it, maybe, maybe then he will keep his eye. Otherwise he'll probably lose it and have to wear a black patch forever and only have one eye."

The doctor did so, and for the next few days there was a subdued boy asking if his eye would be OK.

Finally when the patch came off he was so thankful to be able to see out the eye, we never had stick fighting as a problem again.

Sticks and stones and whipping butt doesn't always work, but mental torture always wins!


My new job is great, and since it's a contract to hire, I'm hopefull I'll get hired in a few months.

We decided it's a new start for us so we paid off ALL the credit cards $40K and are debt free except the house.

I'm feeling really lucky lately, everything from the big slot win to the amazing happening the other night. Yesterday I was driving home and ran out of gas on the freeway (a real fluke). I was going 75 so coasted along the freeway 3/4 of a mile, down the offramp, and on to the frontage road. There I saw a gas station another 1/4 mile away. Strangely the car started up again and drove me there, dying just as I rolled up to the pump. Luckily I was still moving when I saw the OUT OF ORDER sign, enabling me to coast to another pump that worked.

I'm sure more good things are going to happen, I just don't know what. Dwell on it for a moment then leave me a note on what good things you think are going to happen for Amy and I.

Curious as to what you predict will happen, Curiouoso*


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