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2008-10-13 - 8:39 p.m.

More communication.....

The other day I gave a long example of the dangers of miscommunication using email. Luckily that all corrected itself, but it was an interesting "trip" while it lasted.

I've another miscommunication type to add. This one is easily avoidable...Never try to make sense over a cell phone when one party has such a bad line he can't hear, and the other party is working out hard on the elliptical trainer!

I have to beg everyone's forgiveness here; I've been somewhat negative for a while.

It's true the economy is toast and so are many of our own economies, through no fault of our own.

There's no denying our government has broken all our long established systems almost past the mending point, and that's pretty scary.

There are other things going on as well, but THAT'S NO EXCUSE for my continuing negativity and I apologize and will try to shape up!

Speaking of no communication, I just can't believe after all the problems we are having in government, that some people still think the Bush government has done no wrong. Clinton's fault I hear. Are these people so entrenched in thier dogma that they can't see what's happening? Yes it's not just Republicans, Democrats have been stuffing thier faces at out tables too, but when the leader of a government greedily declares open season on America's wealth and citizens, the jackels come out and are happy to join the plunder.

There's just no reasoning with people that still support the Bushies, even though they themselves are being robbed as much as the rest of us.

Curiouoso* dosn't think any communication skills can get over that hurdle.....


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