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2007-09-07 - 1:44 p.m.


NON PC Stuff ahead!

I haven't been feeling like updating this week, but it's not right leaving anyone in suspense about the operation, etc.

It went pretty good, though my ankle was apparently worse than expected. The surgeon used 10 screws and some metal plates to fix it. 10 screws? Who would have thought you could even fit 10 screws in one ankle?

It will be 6 weeks until I can walk on it and 6 months until it's close to healed completely.

The incision has hurt the most rather than the bones. It feels like a few inches of flesh was scraped off and hi octane gasoline poured in and lit. Yes, it hurts.

Yesterday I went on an outing to the library and to the market. I used one of the electric shopping carts. I wanted to prowl the store looking for all those really obese women that are too lazy and fat to walk, that usually use those carts and rudely run over everone. Amy wouldn't let me. Oh, just to run into one of the 4 little fat fuckers that always seem to accompany those women! You want to grab and shake the rude bastards while saying "Go Home, and don't let me catch you eating till you weigh less than 3 average children your age, or 200 lbs. whichever comes first!"

OK, it's out of my system, back to pleasent things....

Lets hear it for Unicorns, elevator music, My Little Ponys, etc. while I go crash out in bed and try to sleep off the pain and the 82 degree heat in the house. Not hot, I understand, but I'm sticky as the back of a postage stamp, so maybe all the bad stuff is creeping out through my skin...

Curiouoso* wonders how much bad stuff is in there?


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