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2006-01-01 - 1:14 p.m.

I did the face recognition page only to find out I looked like everybody! I knew that, cause people are always saying I must have a twin in Whereever.

Some of the many matches: Alec Baldwin, I agree, can I get a movie contract playing his dad? Jack Lemmon, OK, so I am a lttle odd. SHARON STONE! They say people often think others with thier features are most attractive....Come on Sharon we're made for each other!Patrick Stewart, Yeah I want to run a starship. Francois Mitterand 51% match! Which brings me to....

Names that are appropriate for people.
I always thought Joe Montana was a great name for a football player. Joe is kind of a working class name Montana evokes the great outdoors,tough,rough,and self reliant. On the opposite tack, we have Steve Young, just too young for serious mayhem, and Stevie, what else can you say. Francois Mitterand, How can I fight the Nazis, I'm only a frog! What my Nazi friends are losing? I better be a beeg Resistance leader and betray my "friends" After all I am a man of Principle!!

Now, today's rant: Whenever I go to the restroom in a public business I run into the same thing. There's a hispanic guy in the stall peeing, usually all over the seat he didn't put up. What's with that? I want to grab him by the throat and shake him. "When the fuck are you going to learn to pee like a white man, in the urinal, asshole?"

Really, with the exception of parisians, most french people I've met have treated me very well. I especially enjoyed the south of france.

Time to go, Mr. Boarder gets kicked out today because he snuck Miss Car Thief in again last night, against our express prohibition.

Sayonara Buddy, Don't go mad, Just go!

Curiouoso* the big Meany!


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