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2007-06-25 - 6:14 p.m.

So Senator Dodd would like to be president so He can "Improve our image"?

Improve our image??? We need to improve our ACTIONS, restore some ETHICS to our foriegn policy and undo the damage our current administration has done to America's standing in the world.

Our "image" will restore itself when we start being responsible world citizens.

Who would of ever thought I'd be "Intimate" with my dentist?

I broke a tooth in half Thursday and had an appointment Friday and today. The Dentist was a petite and attractive Vietnamese woman. Being only about 5' tall she had to bend over me to work on my teeth. I didn't mind the Root Canal at all with her breasts solidly pushed into my back and shoulders. I think I couldn't get too much more intimate with that part of her if we were actually fooling around! OK, OK, it isn't going to happen, but I still like the close contact. Best, We get to do it all over again Weds. I never thought I'd like my dentist that much!

The pain must be driving Curiouoso* wild; some thing sure did....(Down Boy!)


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