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2009-04-20 - 8:45 p.m.

Part 2 -

Saturday Morning Amy & I were excited because Melanie, Nick & his mother Heidi were coming out to Mom's to have an easter dinner and go wine tasting with us. They got there around 1 and we promptly let for our first stop at M2 winery.

The tasting room was in an industrial park as were the barrels of wine. The two partners were there pouring tastes as it was very busy and the room was very small. I liked every wine we tasted but really liked the 2007 "Old Vine " Zinfandel. I bought that and a 2007 "Trio", a blend of Cab,.Syrah & a little Petite Syrah.

It took a long time to get in & out of there since it was so busy.

I took everyone to one of my favorite vineyards, Van Ruitan Winery. We tasted quite a few wines there, sort of a nice re-introduction to old favorites for me. Heidi liked a number of those and together we purchased over a case. Of course my favorite was thier "Old Vine" Zin.

Next we crossed the road and traveled a few blocks to Jesse's Grove Winery, another of my favorites. As we walked in, Acalia, a beautiful young woman with piercing blue eyes, recognized me and Amy and greeted us.(Have I mentioned before that I was in love? Acalia is certainly one of the many I've been in Love-Lust for, second only to Amy!) They were very busy also, but she said wait just a moment. Suddenly she was at our side with glasses filled with our first tasting. It was really nice to be recognized and catered to like that. We ended up tasting all of thier wines and buying lots of them. I always like thier Earth Zin & Fire, and also, (You guessed it!) thier 2005 Royal Tee, 119 year old vine Zinfandel. I managed to negotiate a 25% off price so we bought a few of each. Then we left for Mom's.

Earlier that morning, around 10AM, Mom remarked that my brother Ronaldo usually was up early and it was unlike him to sleep so late. I offered to go wake him up, but she said to leave him cause he was probably tired. I went in anyway, and he was asleep, but looked terrible. Just as I was about to wake him, he gave a big exhalation and a loud snore. I left him in peace against my better judgement. Later that afternoon, Drunk Ass Pablo tried to rouse him with no success. He and a friend wheeled him outside in Pablo's wheel chair and tried to get him talking and walking for about an hour. They put him back to bed so Ronaldo could "sleep it off" ??? I got home and Mom said that he was still sleeping but that he had been up and leave him be. After dinner I resolved to check on him because my intuition was getting stronger that things weren't right. I went in and tried to wake him, but he wouldn't open his eyes. I told him to say something coherant to me or I was calling 911. Mom didn't realize the whole time what was going on, and didn't want me to disturb him, so I asked Amy and Heidi to come in and second my opinion. They thought he was real bad off, so I called 911. The cops came and the ambulance and took him to emergency. Then they searched his room and found a pill bottle from "a known drug seller" that apparently had some kind of synthetic Heroin in it. We all went to the hospital where they had given him something to pull him out of his lethargy. He was sitting in bed talking nonsence with a silly "no one
home smile" on his face. That lasted all night and most of the next day. Drunk Ass Pablo suggested I warn the Doctors that Ronaldo was probably going to start withdrawels from whatever drugs he had been taking, so I did. The staff wrote down what I said but didn't really take it to heart. We suspected this would happen because Ronaldo has a bad back that is very painful and that's what he was trying to score drugs for (initially), and figured he had finally gotten out of hand. (I believe I mentioned this in previous posts, and I took him aside both last trip and when I arrived this time and told him he wasn't fooling anyone and better get help because he was turning into a junkie.)

Anyway, an hour or so later he went into major withdrawels and it took 6 people to hold him down to inject some kind of downers into him. This went on till wednesday when they finally transferred him to a psychiatric facility for observation. He still had that silly smile on his face and it was all I could do not to physically knock it it off. He started to make more sense, and told Mom he wanted to just die and be with Dad. I was really pissed at that and the last thing I said to him was that if I ever heard that crap again, I would take him to a freshly dug grave in the cemetary and throw his ass in, then start throwing dirt clods on his face until he he realized that DEAD means DEAD and noway in Hell does being with Dad mean anything but lying next to a corpse decomposing underground!

I've had it with all the pussyfooting around. It's time for a FUCKING REALITY CHECK not i'm so sorry, please don't try to kill yourself again shit.

In line with that I convinced Drunk Ass Pablo to come back to Phoenix with me and get straight. That seems to be working out OK, He knows my rules and I also explained to him that I would break every bone in his body that hasn't already been broken if he screws me on this. It may be hard to find any that haven't all ready been broken, but I can try, right? Rat Ryan already has him in the Gym-Garage working out and tomorrow we go to the Veterans to schedule his new hip replacement.

Speaking of the "Gym" we got a "bowflex" machine to join all the rest of the equipment. The Rat couldn't resist as it was in perfect shape and only $150. Then there is the refrigerator for health drinks, and a few more additions since I mentioned the "loss" of my garage a few weeks back.

Drunk Ass Pablo's lawyer is close to settling the 1.4 million dollar suit against the woman who hit him on his bicycle, just in time, as Mom told me not to bring him back today. She is turning into the bitterest old woman. I told her long ago to kick both of them out, but now she seems mad at me for getting Pablo out and did nothing but bitch at me about both of them, all I did was go visit her and save Ronaldo's life and get Pablo out of her house.And Curiouoso* drove 1700 miles for this????

What a fucked up weekend.


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