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2007-09-01 - 11:29 a.m.

I'm always mentioning business's that fall short or aren't ethical in my opinion. I thought that I should give kudos to some that I really like, so that this is a bit more balanced.

For my Phoenix 411 referrals, today's recommendation: The Paradise Bakery & Cafe!

This is a fast growing chain of Bakery/cafe restaurants that specialize in great salads and sandwiches. I usually think of it for lunch, but now that there is one open near me, I sometimes stop for a light breakfast snack. They have 32 "stores" in Arizona, and are also in 10 other western states.

I like the salads because they are so fresh and big enough to satisfy even the biggest appetite.

I'd get there a little before noon though, as they are very popular with the business crowd. If I were single, I'd go to meet lovely young ladies and I'm surprised no "dating advice" columns have recommended lunch with the opportunity to meet new friends and lovers!

Try the Paradise Bakery & Cafe for great lunches and great company.

My broken ankle is still very sore. My surgery is for Tuesday morning so please send me good vibrations and positive thoughts. I guess it could be worse, since "I feel pain therefore I exist....." My experience at Banner Estrella Medical Center has been excellant so far. It is a new facility so has all the latest and greatest equipment and design. The people have all been caring and efficient. My surgeon seems to be excellant as well.

I would recommend staying out of hospitals, but when neccesary, I think Banner is a good choice.

Curiouoso* off to beddy-bye, again P.S. It wouldn't hurt to send me some positive "Learn to spell better and better syntax "thoughts as well!


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