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2009-02-20 - 6:36 a.m.

I havenít updated much lately.....Things just haven't been right for it.

Well I guess I mean I haven't felt like it....I haven't felt like anything actually. I believe I'm getting a bit depressed. I just don't have any interests lately. My computer at home died and I haven't felt like fixing it. I go home and read every day, no TV or going out.

I did go to the local casino last week and walked away with $2,700. Even that didn't excite me too much. All the money went for bills.

Today, Friday, is reputed to be a big massacre in one of the IT departments. It's mostly programmers that make up to $200,000.

All those contracters are going and I hear permanent people too. Ouch, that's going to be tough to replace an income like that in today's market.

My boss is in that department and I know he is concerned about his job.

I can't say I'm not worried for the next few weeks, as all the cuts being made go thru April. I don't see any desktop support jobs around here or in California lately, and some I've heard of only pay 12-14 bucks an hour, which is absolute Bullshit for some one with my capabilities and experience.

I'm rather pissed at my mortgage company right now. I called them 5 months ago and told them Amy was being transferred to California and we neded to worksomething out to bring the mortgage to market value and a lower payment,but they said I wasn't behind in the payments so there wasn't anything they would do until I was in danger of foreclosure.

This month the payment was about a week late because I thought it was already paid or something.

Last night at 10pm, after I was sleeping for 2 hours, they called with an automatic dialer about my payment. What the Fuck? I am not behind and even put the late fee with the payment and now thet are paniced?

I'm going to call and give them a total ration of crap today. I'm going to suggest they should have spoken to me 5 months ago. If my credit wasn't so good right now, and if I didn't mind moving, I would just not pay for 10 months till I got foreclosed, and pay off everything else.

Unfortunately I'm still buying into the I have to pay off my bills thing.

They found some kind of bag with white powder in it in a building a block away. About 500 people were evacuated. I guess we will hear the results soon. I doubt it's anything serious, (Maybe someone dropped thier quarter ounce of Cocaine) but if it is anthrax or something, there might be lots of jobs available around here soon!

Curiouoso looking around and asking, "Now what happened to that party pack of "can't get it back Cxxxxcainx" I had yesterday?"


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